Mining Recruitment Agencies

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Most mining recruitment agencies aim to match the right project with the right talent purely based on skillset.

We don’t think that goes far enough.

At readi we believe it’s vital we take candidates’ goals and passion into consideration. It’s one of the reasons why we’re one of Australia’s leading workforce partners. We like to see our clients in the mining industry succeed and believe this can only occur with our integrated, project-specific approach to mining labour hire.  Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll find you the ideal candidate today.

What your ideal candidate looks like

A successful mining labour hire candidate needs to meet the mandatory physical and personal requirements for a position. We make sure they also have extensive workplace knowledge and experience. When they start on day one, we want them to be comfortable and confident in the role. In mining, there is no time to play catch up and develop skills on the job.

Safety first

Safety comes first in everything we do. We apply comprehensive health and safety policies and procedures. Our rigorous screening and in-house inductions ensure that safety requirements are met as part of the mining labour hire on-boarding process.

In addition to specific training and physical capabilities, we make sure our people possess the right skills to complete their jobs in a safe and efficient manner. This includes the necessary problem-

solving and decision-making skills that are required to deliver a safe project; as well as the ability to pre-empt issues and recognise conditions that could lead to a problem.

How we find candidates

Our procurement team have extensive, hands-on mining industry experience. This means they know how to screen candidates and apply role-specific hiring processes that are particular to the industry.

Wherever possible, we assign teams who have a history of working well together on projects such as yours. And we always ensure personnel and teams are trained, inducted, certified and project-ready.

From drillers to drivers and blasters to boilermakers: we successfully place candidates for all types of mining jobs in Australia.

Save time, money and effort. Contact us to find the ideal mining personnel.